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Moving House

Ynou probably don’t think about how much furniture you have in your home until it comes time to move. It is then that you will find even the furniture in an average-sized home can quickly fill a storage unit.

That is why it can be beneficial to enlist the help of a professional, who knows the best ways to pack, transport and store all of your furniture and household items – and don’t worry, no matter how fragile, obscure or heavy your furniture, you can guarantee that we have seen it before!

Trusted Storage Experts

With over 30 years experience in the storage industry and thousands of happy customers, you can trust Walkers with storing your furniture and household items. Our furniture storage services include:

Care with your valuables: We apply the principle that every item in your home is very valuable and in turn, take care with every item so that nothing is broken or crammed into a storage box. We will pack each item so that when it is unpacked at delivery, it is in the same condition that it was at point of origin.

Clean and secure storage. Our storage facilities around Australia are meticulously maintained to ensure all stored items remain in the condition you left them.

Customised storage options.  From smaller storage modules to large containers, your items can be stored safely whatever their size. .Nothing is too hard for us to pack, move or store. Whether you’re looking at storing large furniture items such as sofa, bookcases, or simply clear your house from smaller items such as photo albums, CDs or clothing, we have a suitable storage solution for your needs.

Seasonal storage options. If space is precious at your house, store those items you don’t use all the time. For example, store your heaters and snow equipment during summer, or your boat and beach equipment during winter.

Quotes balanced between security and affordability. Our consultant will assess your storage needs prior to starting a move. They will make sure to strike the balance between safely packing all of your furniture and household items, while also efficiently using space to save you money.

Contact Walkers for storage enquiries and quotes today.