Walkers Moving and Storage

Isn’t self storage cheaper?

Nnot usually, contrary to popular believe, they charge for a whole unit whether you take it up or not.

At Walkers we only charge for the actual cubic space you take up once you reach our minimum, usually, your furniture also takes up less space at Walkers than self-storage because when we stow it away it’s cubically loaded. Whereas in self-storage you stow it away or use a local backyard removalist who is not trained to stow away furniture and end up using the floor space only not the space above it, so you pay for more space than you need.

Walkers use the air too because we wrap each item in furniture felt, so we pad between the furniture, which allows us to load the appropriate items on top of each other that can sustain this loading method without damage and optimization of space. Because we know how to stow furniture to prevent damage have you ever seen how untidy a self-storage unit load is, its not only dangerous to unload but furniture is damaged through poor loading.

Email us your list of items or arrange a free in-home survey we will calculate the volume and then quote, our storage starts at just $33 per week for up to 10 cubic m3. I am sure you will agree this is cheaper than self-storage,

Why Store with Walkers?

We offer nationwide short and long term sealed containerized under-roof storage which is safe and cost-effective. Along with an excellent range of vehicles to allow them the flexibility to cope with any size move. This is evident by their accreditation to provide relocation services to state and federal government agencies.

We can organise all aspects of storage, from a single piece of furniture to entire warehouse stock, from a single day to an indefinite period. Our storage facilities are totally secure and can hold any furniture or items you may need to put into storage. From storage of antiques to furniture, or items requiring seasonal storage, we provide the storage solution.

You may choose to self store your goods at our facilities or as is often requested we will collect, pack and stow away your belongings for you. Our warehouses feature specially designed self-storage modules and containers for safe, secure, dry and pest-free storage. We offer both short and long-term storage along with customized packing and storage materials.

Thank you for taking the time to look over our services available to assist you in your upcoming relocation using Walkers Moving & Storage. For more information please contact Walkers or email