What to do when moving internationally?

Wnalkers World Wide is a dedicated division of Walkers Moving and Storage, servicing all international moving requirements

to and from Australia. Please use the following check list as a guide when preparing your international move.

 Identify which articles are to be stored, air-freighted or shipped

 Identify and segregate articles that are to be hand-carried by you

 Airline tickets, passports, hotel reservation confirmation slips and other travel-related documents have been

obtained and stored securely to prevent them from being packed into the shipment

 If you are planning to maintain a safe deposit box in the country you are leaving, decide what you want to store

 Obtain appropriate residence and/or travel visas

 Obtain necessary work permits for the destination country

 Establish a foreign bank account so funds are available on your arrival

 Arrange payment of insurance premiums during your absence

 Arrange insurance for items being shipped/stored

 Current passports for all family members

 Update list of credit references

 Arrange power of attorney

 Address book updated

 Taxes in order and up-to-date

 Copy valuable and legal documents

(birth certificates, marriage certificates, wills, etc)

 Cancel the newspaper, milkman and other subscriptions

 Apply for an international driving licence so you can take it with you

 Arrange to leave a key with a responsible party for the safe deposit box

 If you are taking a pet, do you have the necessary health certificate from the vet and are inoculations in order

 Arrange copies of school records for your children

 Arrange copies of medical and dental records for the entire family to take with you

 Establish cut-off dates for power/light, gas and telephone services

 For those requiring drug prescriptions, obtain ‘certificates of need’ from

the prescribing physician

 Complete the change of address forms and submit them to the post office