Pet Moving


Can Walkers help with your pet travel?

Yes we can We,ve got the way to move just about anything!

WnWalkers are a one stop moving shop. Walkers work with our pet transport partners to book in your pet transport and boarding. Together we  aim to make this simple for you and stress-free as possible for the pet and your family as its very emotional experience sending you pet off in a plane.

Who do Walkers use for pet transport?

Our pet transport partners are

  1. Jet Pets and
  2. Dogtainers

Both are equally experienced with pets. With many years experience caring for all sorts of animals, they offer the best care your pet could receive including vaccination, documentation, quarantine, handling, feeding and even boarding facilities.

If I am moving locally can you arrange the pickup and boarding whilst I wait for the house settlement?

Yes of course this is quite common we don’t just move pets interstate and internationally, a lot of our customers don’t have simultaneous settlements and are not allowed to house their pets in the temporary rental they arrange. So we can arrange transport and boarding in this time.

Do I need to organise the pet cage?

Walkers will arrange a quote that includes the pickup from residence, the actual cage, and the transport via air, along with the boarding and then delivery to you at your new home. Some of our clients will drop their pet to the terminal the cost is cheaper so worth checking out and if you just want to see them onto the plane that’s fine too we can quote that option also.

What do I have to do to prepare my pet?

Although your removal consultant will advise you on specific requirements, it is recommended to start planning your pet move and early and look after your pet’s health and diet in preparation.

Other important tips from our pet transport partners:-

  • Give your pet some good exercise before the planned move, and
  • don’t feed your pet on the day they are travelling – just make sure they have access to water,
  • and give them a treat or two.
  • Also make sure all vaccinations, flea treatments and worming are up to date.
  •  Become familiar with the travel box.
  • Have your pet get comfortable with their travel box by placing them inside it before the move, and putting familiar toys or blankets in the box with them.
  • Stay calm. Unless your vet specifically recommends it, don’t sedate your pet as this can cause greater anxiety in some animals. Instead, stay calm, and try to convey that calmness to your pet while preparing them for travel.
  • The right travel box. Accurately measure your pet to ensure they are allocated a travel box which is big enough for them to stand up in, turn around and lie down.

Call Walkers now to arrange a free quote for moving your pet and if you can measure up your pet so we can work on a travel box suitable for you.