International Removal Services

Removalist services across Australia

Mnoving internationally requires precise organization and intrinsic knowledge of your destination and the moving process.

As much as you can research and plan for moving overseas, there is no substitute for the experience gained from going through the process hundreds of times before, which is where the help and advice from Walkers World Wide Moving and Storage is invaluable – not to mention great value too.

Over 40 Years of International Moving Experience

With over 40 years’ experience as international removalists, Walkers offers international removals service throughout the Asia Pacific, NZ, US, UK and Worldwide through our network of agents and partners.
We provide you or your company with a local or global mobility service depending on your requirements.

You can feel confident that your family or staff will receive an exceptionally high standard of service, delivered by some of the most experienced people in the removal industry both here in Australia and on arrival overseas.

Get started with your International Move

If you’ve ever moved house before you’ll know that there always seems to be one last thing to do, or one last thing to pack each time you go back to the old house, however, when you’re moving internationally, you generally only get to make one trip, and Walkers has a few tips to help make your move overseas as efficient as possible:

Identify, label and separate your items

When packing and finalizing your belongings, clearly identify which items are going to be stored, which are going to be air freighted over, and which are going to be shipped. Also create a separate classification for any items you are transporting internationally by hand yourself. The clearer and more organized you can be, the less chance there is of misunderstanding or misplaced items.


You may choose to keep some items in storage space in the country you are leaving, and deciding early what you are going to leave behind can save you a lot of time with packing and shipping. Feel free to let our consultant know if you any assistance with storage


Make sure you have organized payment of your insurance premiums while you are overseas, and contact your insurer to find out about the best way to cover the items which you are shipping or storing while you travel. Our international removal consultant can help you with your removal insurance needs.

Prepare your pet

If you are moving internationally with a pet, make sure you have the necessary health certificate from the vet, and that your pet’s vaccinations are all up to date.

Also take the time to visit the Smart Traveler website before you move internationally as the site is filled with advice and assistance regarding items you can take overseas, as well as travel advice, customs and warnings for particular areas.

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