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Hnome moving is one of those things which is often peppered with mixed emotions. In most cases you are moving on to a bigger and better home, but you are leaving behind a house full of memories and time spent as a family.

There is the excitement of starting fresh, enjoying a bigger backyard or a shorter commute to work, but there is also a lot of work to do in packing, cleaning, unpacking and organisation before you can really enjoy your new home.

At Walkers, we understand moving, and we understand people. That’s how we can deliver to you the service you want.
Walkers have over 48 years of experience in the moving business and we are privileged to move Australian Families including Heads of Government day in day out. We offer a range of high quality removal and storage services designed to make sure your move is as smooth as possible from international executive and office relocations to the smallest home furniture removal and storage, interstate, nationwide and internationally.

Walkers understand that the removalist has to be careful, polite and friendly. Moving in one day is very hard so it is essential we are careful and make sure that we place and position everything. And make sure essential items likes Beds and Fridges are in place and assembled. These makes them happy, to have all major items in place unpacked. This makes for a better moving experience.

Why move with locally with Walkers?

Walkers generally move customers after their last do it yourself move, what they found was they injured their back or ankle, took  more that 1 day off work to do it, and lost a few weekends moving. By the time they hired the truck, used up their last favour with their mate, did 5 trips in a truck that was too small for the job, damaged their apartment wall moving out, lost a portion of their bond, failed to hire blankets to wrap their furniture so damaged the only antique piece of furniture of value…they could have spent the money and saved moving with Walkers.

Walkers  budget hourly rate service is great for the budget conscious we understand you maybe still pretty ready and able but let us do all the big items, and if time runs out we can always finish the job because our truck and men are there for you. With the hourly rate service you actually control the cost as you can have them do as little or as much as you like for you. Call us now to discuss how the hourly rate service works.

Its just a local move I think I’ll just use the local guys in the paper?

Yes they look cheaper, what they fail to tell you  in their one line add with only a mobile number in gumtree or the local paper, is that they will control the time it takes, and therefore the cost, they can go as slow as they like because they know you have picked them because they seem cheap.

We’ve heard horror stories like they only sent 1 removalist to a 5 bedroom house, or better still our customer caught one of the offsiders asleep in the cab of the truck! We are serious this is a true story!!

Take a look inside their trucks do they have furniture pads, to wrap and protect your furniture, do they have plastic covers to wrap and protect your fabric covered furniture and mattress. These are all standard in a Walkers removal van.

Beware of the local “Yocal” yes they look cheap but you know the quote “you get what you pay for” so how much do you insure your household contents for, then move with an AFRA  removalist like Walkers for your own protection.

Walkers also offers two types of quotes the budget hourly rate service, charged depot to depot min of 2 hours on a weekday or 4 hours on a Saturday, you can choose from 2, 3 or 4 men or our fixed price quote which involves a free inhome survey, best suited for large moves and if you are a more precise person and want to know what your up for on moving day this is the best option for you.

This is the peak time for moving we look forward to hearing from you!

Cant I just move myself Interstate?

Walkers would  inherit a customer a week who move themselves interstate, they hired a truck, plus put a towbar on the family car for a hire trailer and moved themselves to Townsville.

Unfortunately it rarely works out, this poor customer and his family, ran out of space in the car licence only truck, and even couldn’t fit everything in the box trailer they had mattress tied to the top of their Subaru wagon, the kids in the back had red and white striped bags all around them so much so the aircon vents were cut off and the kids got  heat exhaustion not to mention the poor Mum in the drivers seat.

What about Dad how did he do?

Dad loaded the truck himself, exhausted then left with a 2 day drive ahead, as he isn’t a trained removalist he did what we call floor stacking, so didn’t optimise the space above it, plus hire trucks don’t come with furniture pads or ties, so the furniture was loaded bare with some cartons for protection, but not secured. Unfortunately alot of their furniture was prefab ikea and on delivery looked more like match sticks! Mum screamed at Dad and said why didn’t you listen to me and go with a removalist!!

Call Walkers consultants to arrange a free in home survey and come out and calculate your moving costs you will be surprised when you do the comparison of time and money that this may work out cheaper or slightly more but saves you and your family days in moving rather spent settling into your new town or city!

Contact Walkers to speak to one of our expert removals consultants for an obligation FREE Quote or cost guideline now!