How COVID-19 has pushed moving companies over the technology tipping point and transformed our business forever



Now Move Home Limited and Walkers share their view and research on how virtual surveys are changing moving companies in home estimate service and how this will change our business forever. In the new normal post COVID we have seen how moving companies have been pushed over the technology tipping point and transitioned their business forever.

A brave new virtual world

During the pandemic, consumers have moved dramatically toward online channels, and companies and industries have responded in turn. McKinsey Global a Survey company conducted a recent worldwide survey of various industries and found COVID-19 “has sped up the adoption of digital technologies by several years” and that “the new digital virtual world is here to stay”. We support this view. We have seen how our own industry has followed suit and put up albeit temporary solutions to meet many of the new demands on them by their customers who are still on the move, and much more quickly than we had thought possible before COVID. This has escalated our industries acquisition of digital or digitally enabled products like zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts Meet, goto meeting, teamviewer meeting, Skype for Business, Clickmeeting, Wire, BigMarker Web and so on to carry out customer interactions like in home estimate service.

As the world shut down this became critical as our cities were told to stay home and we were no longer able to visit our customers in their homes. In fact, we found like other industries our industry started funding more digital initiatives, increasing the number of people in technology roles, and reducating their customers to the new virtual way, and all years ahead of where we thought we would be. The survey results by McKinsey Global confirm the rapid shift toward interacting with customers through digital channels and show that rates of adoption are years ahead of where they were when previous surveys were conducted (Exhibit 1).

Virtual Surveys – the new normal

mckinsey and company graph

An in-home estimate is an essential part of getting an accurate quote for any removalist company. A Virtual Survey allows your estimators to stay safe and still see the household items to be moved without your consultant having to knock on a door and physically walking through the home of your client. We have found and research suggests that companies who have executed successful responses like virtual surveys to the crisis have reported strong sales performance albeit captured virtually.

So why haven’t we done this sooner, its because it wasn’t a top business priority and removal companies are traditional like that. The barriers in our industry are simple: we believe face to face interactions with clients bring stronger results, IT infrastructure is insufficient, too big a shock to how our sales people and how they are used to working, and a real fear of customer resistance to this change to virtual surveys. The pandemic removed this barrier, our industry had to pivot as customers genuinely didn’t see it safe for us to be in their homes.

Virtual Surveys are Easy and can be Free!

Companies have a choice to do this in house or use the services of Now Move home who do it all for you. Having tried to do this myself as the pandemic hit here at Walkers we struggled with Zoom despite this being the most common platform used worldwide, it was clunky and inefficient. Not surprisingly I didn’t see the customer resistance that I thought as many of our consumers were using Zoom to work, the problem was the platform just wasn’t designed for this purpose. When I spoke to Adam at Now Move home he offered me a solution and it was quick for me to solve my problem so I could pivot the business overnight to virtual surveys. It was seamless, we went from limited face to face surveys due to COVID to 80% being virtual and it was literally overnight!

For companies that are not in a position to implement this virtual solution, Now Move Home is ready to do it all for you. They believe in a close working relationship and partner with your business. They provide your customers with the confidence and peace of mind that you are dealing with professionals. Like us Now move homes focus on securing success for your business so it’s mutually beneficial partnership.

They provide Walkers with:

  • Experienced Sales Consultants for your customer that instill confidence and preference for your services
  • Accurate video survey reports ensure margins and operational costs are protected
  • Valuable Intel about what your customers want and need
  • Pricing direction and strategy
  • Competition Intel
  • One to one journey with your Move Manager from start to finish
Now Move Home are professional home move consultants who know your business and as a result ensures your business success.