img_hero_storage Storage Modules

What method of storage will you use for my furniture and boxes?

This method of storage great for either short or long term storage. That being said as a general rule we use these Modules for our long term storage customers.

These modules are custom-built for Walkers to hold household goods undercover within a storage facility free from dust and completely isolated from other items. The origin of these storage modules came out of the US Defence force moves when all consignments were shipped in these large plywood boxes. Walkers adopted these into our storage facilities 25 years ago.

How do we use these modules for your storage?

Usually, your goods will be delivered to the storage in a local removalist van, your consignment will be unloaded and professionally stacked into your own modules, our store staff document the storage module with your name move number and date into storage and note the items in each module from your Inventory. Our storage management system is then updated with location so that your consignment can always be tracked and  located if you need it.

Why do customers prefer this method to others?

It can be cheaper than other storage methods and self-storage.

What type of customers use this service?

The type of customers who use this service are people coming from a one bedroom residence going overseas for work or a gap year. Then there are a lot of our clients who choose this method when they are preparing for sale of their house so they move all the excess items usually recommended by their real estate agent so as to maximise the presentation of their home, so we would go out and do a  small local move into store of the excess items, we put them away into modules, and then in 1-3 months when the sale has gone through we go and do their local move from their residence and deliver the items from the module to their new home.  For budget purposes generally allow about $33 per week per module, plus storage handling in and out along with removal in and out of store.

What is the best storage solution for you?

To find out what storage solution is best for you call us now and book a time to meet with our consultant, or email us a list of items to move. What we need to know is for how long and how many items that then dictates whether this storage solution will suit you. Generally, this method is for small consignments so 1-2 bedroom size residences and you consignment may fit into one or a series of them, you will receive a full inventory of what is in store, and then we can trace the item number to the module via a tracking system if say for example you wanted to access some items.

Call or email to arrange a free in-home survey

When a Walkers consultant comes out to see you, they will list what you have to move and store with us and recommend the best solution, generally, this method is for small consignments. To work out what you need, call us or email us so we can work on the best storage solution for you!