Antiques and Delicates Storage


Anntique and other delicate items require specialist packing and moving experience, the right tools and the best storage facilities. Our experienced staff will ensure your personal collection and individual items receive the necessary care and attention required to protect your goods for storage.

Storing your antiques and delicates need expert attention

Not every item in your home can be treated in the same way when you’re packing and moving. Some items may be especially delicate because of their age, or simply their design. If you have antique or delicate items talk to Walkers Moving and Storage for tips and advice.

Based on year of experience, Walkers Moving & Storage offer specialised storage services, which guarantee:
Items that require special care and attention will be prepared carefully by our teams for storage from their current location.

All items will be transported in our specialist vehicles to our secure storage facilities where they will be kept in storage containers.

All items are fully inventoried and controlled to ensure you always know where your items are at any point in time. Insurance for furniture and effects stored is available upon request.
Tips to move antiques or delicates
There are also steps you can take to look after your antique or delicate items prior to a move, including:
Secure the items. Secure any loose parts and removable pieces of the items you’re moving, including securing doors with rubber bands or string.

Remove delicate pieces. If your antiques have delicate handles, remove them and tape them inside the drawers during removal. Cover any glass panels or mirrors with padding to protect them too.

Packing. Where possible pack collectibles in their original cartons. If packing yourself, Walkers Moving & Storage can provide you with packing paper bubble wrap and tissue paper tissue paper, to wrap each piece individually. For dolls, figurines and sculptures wrap them in soft tissue or padding, and then pack them in bubble wrap or foam peanuts, inside double walled cartons.
Alternatively you can leave out any delicate items which you want our team to pack up. This can often be easier and safer as your items can be packed directly from their display cabinets or shelves, meaning less moving around and less chance of breakage.
However, it is still important to make sure that your antiques and delicates are either covered with Walkers Transit and or covered under your homeowner’s policy, and you have provided your insurer with an itemised list or listed it separately on your insurance declaration with Walkers.

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