Home Cleaning Services


Wnalkers can arrange cleaners who work to your specific instructions and depending on your requirements and budget can assist you for the final conveyance inspection or if you are a tenant ensure you receive your bond back with their full cleaning service.

Walkers choose to work with cleaners who Real estate agents also use. Because the standard of cleaning is the same as bond clean and final handover cleaning services, and they can also do your window and carpets and oven clean.

When do the cleaners arrive? Because our cleaners specialise in a vacate clean, they arrive as our removal team is leaving, and or before we arrive your new residence. Our cleaners understand that your house needs to be as clean as humanly possible so that it feels like a new home and welcoming, to do this they use professional time saving equipment along with fast working cleaning agents to ensure a high quality finish that beats what your normal domestic cleaner or domestic cleaning agents can achieve.

Nothing is left out of our service. Our cleaning service will have the inside and outside of your home spotless. Rubbish will be removed, windows cleaned, carpets, oven cleaned vacuumed or steam cleaned etc, etc…

You don’t have to lift a finger.

So if you are planning your move and you also need on a house clean ask your moving consultant to provide an estimate with your moving quote and to check for availability.

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to call us.