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Ready to move to Parramatta and don’t know where to start? For a stress-free experience, our team of expert removalists provide a wide range of custom-tailored services that will eliminate stress from your move. Whether you’re moving to be closer to work or to upsize for a growing family, we are reliable, professional and convenient. We believe moving should be easy so our packages are customisable to fulfill the requirements of your household removal, no matter your moving needs. Perfect for homeowners and families, we’ll do all your heavy lifting for you so you don’t have to put life on hold. Relocate the right way with Walkers Removalists Parramatta.

An Industry Leading Company

Well known throughout the New South Wales community, Walkers has assisted homeowners and families in their relocation as a trustworthy, loyal service provider. From wrapping, packaging, moving and delivery, unpacking and more, Walkers is your lifelong partner for moving services. Why waste time and energy when our caring and skilled movers can do everything for you?
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High Quality Deals With Removalists Parramatta

Here at Walkers we understand how complicated moving can be. This is why we’ve created a full-service alternative with our customisable packages. To make your move as stress-free as possible while catering to all your moving needs, we have three of the following options:

1. Premium

With our premium package, a crew of four to five professional removalists, an extra vehicle if more space is required, and custom boxes to carry your belongings will be sent to your address. Our removalists offer a full pack and wrap service for all your belongings. Your upholstered couch will not see damage with the safety measures we enforce pre, during and post-move. We also do valet unpacking, furniture rebuilding and a collection of boxes.

2. Standard

Our standard package provides a crew of three to four experienced removalists, a truck and packing materials to be delivered to your door. Our movers will pack your belongings whether they’re electronics or kitchen appliances, as well as offer a full wrap service for your mattress and any fragile or oversized belongings. When your things have safely arrived at your new address, we will help you with a benchtop unpack and a post-move collection of boxes.

3. Essentials

Our essential package provides a team of two to three experienced removalists, a vehicle and the necessary packing materials sent to your doorstep. Our movers will pack and wrap your furniture, and offer a post-move collection of boxes.
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Top Service With Walkers Parramatta Removalists

Walkers Moving and Storage is the best choice for your Parramatta move. With experience in a variety of local, country and interstate relocations, our team of removalists and consultants are top tier veterans in the industry. The following are some reasons why we come highly recommended:

An Experienced Team

as a well established business, our staff of removalists and consultants are seasoned professionals. We relocate with safety, precision and positive customer experience in mind.

Fully Insured Services

we want to reassure our customers they are protected, that’s why we recommend an All Risks Transit and Storage Cover for insurance.

AFRA Recognised

our business is licensed by the AFRA. To maintain this certification our equipment, employee training, locations and trucks are regularly audited for a standard of excellence.

Kind and Communicative Staff

our removalists are friendly and accommodating. We prioritise your moving needs, thoroughly planning for any concerns you may have with your furniture.

Specialised Removalists

our movers have trained extensively to carry out the full range of services we offer. We are dedicated to assisting you throughout the entire moving process. Be it storage, packaging, moving, delivery, unpacking and assembling, with Walkers, you’ll be sure to relax at your new home to enjoy life in no time.

Local, Country and Interstate Mobility

Walkers Moving and Storage has provided peerless service for over forty years throughout Australia. We have real experience with various moving conditions. With a proven track record, our operations in New South Wales are supported by expert consultants and removalists.

Contact Our Parramatta Removalists For Your Fixed Quote

Looking for Parramatta removalists? Rely on Walkers for your next moving partner. When you choose us, you are choosing premier service. We are always ready to chat and go over the plan for your move from start to finish.
To get your quote, you can arrange for an in-home or virtual inspection with our consultants. This can be conducted through video or an in-person visit to your address. A convenient and complimentary service, we’ll assess your property and its contents. This survey will help us determine the exact amount of resources be it manpower, space or packaging material we will need for your moving day. Additionally we can go over any specific concerns you have over your furniture and plan their moving details.
Reliable, caring and professional, Walkers Moving and Storage is the ideal partner for your next Parramatta move. Contact usnow and get your free quote.