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In need of removalists to help with your Nundah move? Walkers Moving and Storage offer quality service for all your moving needs. We know how hard and long it is to relocate so our goal is to get you to begin your life’s next chapter as soon as possible. Our Nundah removalists have the skills to assist you with your move from beginning to end, providing homeowners and growing families the assistance they truly need. From packing, wrapping, moving and delivery to your new address to benchtop and valet unpacks, cleaning and rebuilding, Walkers gets your things sorted out with no worries.

Client Oriented Nundah Removalists

Our services are perfect for professionals, homeowners and families who shouldn’t be wasting their time or energy with the pre and post move complications. We are a custom-tailored full-service mover who’ll make things easy and efficient, doing all your heavy lifting for you. With our carefully customised packages and complimentary services, we are the most dependable moving service business in Nundah, creating long-lasting relationships with our clients.
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Incredible Full Service With Removalists Nundah

Moving is often hard on the soul. We’ll take all your burdens at Walkers Moving and Storage, assisting with your move from start to finish. With our clients’ wellbeing in mind we have created the three following custom packages to cater to your moving needs:

1. Premium

When you choose our premium package, a crew of four to five experienced removalists, an extra truck if more space is needed, and packaging for your belongings will be sent to your doorstep. Our removalists offer a full wrap service for your furniture and any items requiring robust padding. Whether you have delicate paintings or a grand piano, our movers will pack and securely position your belongings for moving so they will be well protected from damage. We will also assist you with a deep clean, valet unpack and reassembling furniture.

2. Standard

With our standard option, we will provide a crew of three to four professional removalists, a vehicle and packing materials to be sent to your home. Our movers will pack and wrap your belongings be it electronics, kitchenware or mattresses. When your belongings arrive at your new address, we will assist you with a benchtop unpack and a post-move collection of boxes.

3. Essentials

Our essential package offers a team of two or three professional removalists, a truck and packing materials to be delivered at your doorstep. Our movers will help pack your belongings and provide a post-move collection of boxes.
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Nundah Removalists With Peak Credentials

Walkers Moving and Storage are expert removalists with a long history of local, country and interstate relocations. With a broad range of services and a reputation for credible, competent work, we are the most reliable choice for your Nundah move. The following reasons show why we are the premier option for customers:

A Wealth of Experience

our personnel of removalists and consultants have been in this industry for a long time. We overcome challenges with careful assessment and a tireless work ethic.

Full Insurance

for our customer’s peace of mind we recommend arranging for an All Risks Transit and Storage Cover for insurance during your move.

AFRA Accredited Service

our business is recognised by the AFRA. To hold this license we maintain a standard of excellence for our equipment, job training, premises and vehicles, undergoing regular audits to hold this certification.

Friendly and Considerate Team

our removalists are very kind and considerate. We will take into account all your moving needs. With Walkers safety is a priority so you can rest easy knowing your furniture is in good hands.

Mover Specialists

our removalists have undergone extensive training that covers the parameters of all our services. We are renowned in the industry for offering a comprehensive list of services at top quality. This way we can assist you completely through all stages of your move from beginning to end. Whether it’s storage, packing, moving or rebuilding, Walkers can do it all.

Local, Country and Interstate Reach

with our business well established since 1978, Walkers Moving and Storage has a proven track record across Australia. Our operations are highly mobile with experience over various transport routes and conditions. For expert removalists in local, country and interstate relocations, Walkers is your premier choice.

Call Our Team At Walkers Today For Your Free Quote

At Walkers we aim to make your relocation as stress-free as possible. This is why we’ve arranged a system that allows you to plan your expenses. When you call our line and speak with one of our consultants, you can arrange for an in-home survey with our team to get your fixed price quote. You can do this at your convenience via video or set an appointment for a visit at your address. We will inspect the contents of your home and the needs of your belongings. This way we can form a detailed plan for the resources required on your moving date. We will allocate the exact amount of movers, vehicles, packaging materials and special requirements for any specific concerns you may have. With this assessment, we can give you a fixed price quote with no unexpected surcharge.

Trust Walkers for a stress-free Nundah move and have your belongings handled by expert removalists. Contact us now for your obligation-free quote.