Plan your move with Walkers

Find helpful tips on preparing for your move, even buying and selling your house, ideas for renters, as well as planning tools and advice.

Whether you’re buying your first home or your dream home this simple guide will help make the process easier.

Small changes can make a big difference when selling your home. You don’t need to spend a fortune to make your home look great. Our hints, tips and advice can help you boost the value of your property.

If you’re renting there are still ways to make your new place feel like home. Learn how to make the most of space, light and colour to turn your rental property into your home.

The key to a great move is preparation, our experience tells us that you need to start early. Use these simple tools, hints and tips to get started:

Moving planner checklist– use this checklist to create a customised plan to help prepare for your move and ensure you don’t forget a thing

Moving Planner Timeline

Use this move planner to count your days down to moving, you can also set email reminders to ensure that you don’t forget anything.

MOVE PLANNER Tick the boxes on this planner as they are completed to ensure your move runs smoothly

6 WEEKS to moving day

  • PRE-PLANNING If you haven’t already, now is the time to book your move through WALKERS.
  • Create a central file for all your moving documents so that everything is accessible and in one place.
  • Draw up a floor plan of your new home and plan the placement of furniture and other items.
  • Transfer your Transit and Home & Contents Insurance.
  • Plan your packing now so that it won’t be left to the last minute.
  • Dispose of those items you don’t absolutely need.
  • Check your freezer and plan to eat frozen foods before you leave.
  • Check the garden, sheds, garage and under the house.
  • Cancel, transfer or redirect your newspaper and subscriptions.
  • Dispose of garden chemicals, paint, fuel etc.
  • If travelling overseas, organize passports, visas, money and accommodation.
  • Contact Australia Post to have your mail held or redirected to your new address.
  • Inform your School, Day Care and transfers – forms required.

2 WEEKS to moving day ARRANGEMENTS

  • Contact all your relevant authorities including the Electoral Office, Post Office, Taxation Office, Transport Department and Department of Social Security
  • Make sure all other bodies such as your insurance companies, motor vehicle associations, doctor, dentist, local council, banks, financial institutions, schools, clubs, library,
  • solicitor, real estate agent and landlord are aware of your move.
  • For long distance moves, ensure your car is serviced and safety checked.
  • Any furniture items that come apart can now be dismantled.
  • Arrange the transfer of your bank accounts.
  • Arrange telephone, electricity and gas supply for your new home.
  • See your vet for pet vaccinations if required.
  • If your boat or trailer is to be included with the load, ensure all loose items inside are packed.
  • Check and return any borrowed items, library books, DVD videos etc.
  • Start now, if you plan to do some of your own packing. If you need cartons and packing material, arrange delivery with Walkers.
  • Label every carton by content and room identification.

1 WEEK to moving day CONFIRMING

  • Make a list of what you will need on moving day.
  • Establish cut off dates for electricity, gas and phone.
  • If you are transporting your car make sure arrangements are in place.
  • Cancel newspaper, milk, soft drink and other deliveries.
  • Pets can often sense that changes are occurring and it’s a good idea to arrange for your pets to be collected
  • the day before the move.
  • Confirm travel arrangements for your pets.
  • Empty any gas cylinders/bottles and drain fuel from the lawn mower (your local garage may be able to do this for you).
  • Remove the batteries from any battery powered devices.
  • Do you have packing boxes, wrapping paper, sealing tape and marker pens for the packing you will do? If not, call Walkers.

2 DAYS to moving day ESSENTIALS

  • Pack those items you will need immediately after you arrive at your destination.
  • Arrange the necessary finances for payments on moving day.
  • If you are travelling by car, check oil, water, tyres etc.
  • If needed, arrange special parking or access for Walkers’ removalists from your neighbours, property manager, local authority, ie council.
  • Collect the dry cleaning.
  • Last chance to do the laundry.
  • Safely dispose of any remaining chemicals, flammables and garbage.
  • Final pack for those items that Walkers’ professional packers will not be packing.

1 DAY to moving day MUST DO

  • If Walkers’ professional packers are doing the packing, then this will happen today as per your instructions.
  • Defrost and clean your refrigerator and leave it dry for moving.
  • Eat or get rid of any perishable food remaining in the kitchen.
  • Leave your forwarding address and phone number in a prominent place for your new home’s occupants/
  • landlord.
  • To avoid confusion, clearly mark the items you have packed and will be taking with you, to distinguish them from the items being packed and
  • moved by Walkers.
  • Notify the police and neighbours if your house will be vacant for a while.
  • Ensure someone is present for the duration of your pack/move (friend/family member).


  • It’s Moving Day. It is a good idea to pack an essential items bag – things such as toiletries, tea and coffee, clothing, personal items, travel documents,
  • tickets, first-aid kit, money, cheque book atm card mobile phone lap top .
  • Don’t forget items for the kids and pets.
  • You might want to clean up after the furniture is moved out, so leave the vacuum cleaner out.
  • Ensure electricity and gas meters have been read and the telephone has been disconnected, foxtel etc  and car keys are in a safe place.
  • Collect all house keys.
  • Tighten all taps.
  • If you have been renting, leave your keys with your real estate agent/landlord.
  • If you are moving interstate, overseas, or moving your possessions into storage, don’t forget before you leave to read through and sign the
  • inventory.
  • As the van is being loaded, walk around the house, garden, garage and shed from time to time and double check nothing is left behind.
  • Turn off the power to the house.
  • Turn off the water heater and drain it.
  • Lock the house securely.


  • When you first arrive, if you are renting, conduct a walk-through inspection with the real estate agent, documenting the condition of the house and furniture.
  • Get the Walkers’ removalists to put everything exactly where you want it rather than to rearrange heavy furniture yourself once they are gone. It’s a lot easier!
  • Make sure that you are happy that everything is in the right place after unloading check your property and furniture.
  • For storage, interstate and international, check off and sign the inventory, so you know all is delivered.
  • Check that gas, electricity and telephone foxtel etc are connected.
  • Find all the keys to your house.
  • If you are concerned about security, have all the locks changed.
  • Turn on the power and make sure the hot water system is operating correctly.
  • Introduce your self to your neighbours. They can be a source of much helpful local information.
  • Make sure your pets will be safe while settling in i.e. comfort toy


 Storage calculator – work out your storage requirements for your move (link to online storage quote)

Art of packing – learn how to pack like a professional with these tips (link to self packing tips)

Mail redirection – fill out this form to ensure your mail arrives at your new home

Be sure to organise your mail redirection early.

Australia Post’s Mail Redirection service is the best way to ensure that your mails follows you when you move.

To organise your mail redirection, download the form available on the Australia Post website and lodge the ‘Application to Redirect Mail’ in person at any Australia Post outlet. Your mail will then be redirected to your new mailing address.

Australia Post recommends leaving at least 3 full business days to process your request

Whether you need to redirect your mail for a permanent, temporary or overseas move, Australia Post has an option to suit your redirection needs. If you are not returning to your old address, you can select a permanent redirection and have your mail redirected for one, three, six or twelve months.

If you are returning to your old address and your move is only temporary, you can allocate a date for the service to end and your mail will return with you to your old address.

Australia Post needs three working days after you lodge the application to start the service, so ensure you apply at least three days before you move.

To safeguard your mail, Australia Post will verify your identity when you complete your application. Acceptable forms of identification vary depending on the type of application and how you are submitting your application.

However, if you apply in-store, Australia Post accepts Photo ID (Drivers Licence or Passport) or a document with your name and address or your authorised signature.

The in-store application form for mail redirection allows you to nominate up to seven names (more if necessary, just attach a separate form). All mail addressed to variations of the names listed on the application, will be redirected ensuring all mail is forwarded to your new address.

If you are moving overseas, you can also apply for an international mail redirection through Australia Post. Your mail will be delivered to your new international address with the exception of any mail that requires custom clearance or signature on delivery.

Mail of this kind will be returned to sender and marked undeliverable. Mail redirected to an overseas address can also be subjected to security related delays.

Australia Post’s Mail Redirection service is a great way to ensure that no important mail will get left behind, when moving house. Apply at any retail outlet or lodging your application online.}


Utilities transfer –save time and transfer your utilities using this free service Free online Utility connection and disconnection form – here is the link for you to do online (simply copy and paste this into your web browser or address line and access this FREE ONE STOP SERVICE)

Moving supplies –make sure you have everything you need for your move

Cartons – starter pack – ask Walkers now and we can deliver to metro areas within 24-48 hours delivery is free when you book the move with Walkers.