What to do when moving Internationally?

Walkers World Wide is a dedicated division of Walkers Moving and Storage, servicing all international moving requirements
to and from Australia.

Please use the following check list as a guide when preparing your international move.


  • Identify which articles are to be stored, air freighted or shipped
  • Identify and segregate articles that are to be hand carried by you
  • Airline tickets, passports, hotel reservation confirmation slips and other travel related documents have been obtained and stored securely to prevent them from being packed into the shipment
  • If you are planning to maintain a safe deposit box in the country you are leaving, decide what you want to store
  • Obtain appropriate residence and/or travel visas
  • Obtain necessary work permits for the destination country
  • Establish a foreign bank account so funds are available on your arrival
  • Arrange payment of insurance premiums during your absence
  • Arrange insurance for items being shipped/stored
  • Current passports for all family members
  • Update list of credit references
  • Arrange a power of attorney
  • Address book updated
  • Taxes in order and up-to-date
  • Copy valuable and legal documents (birth certificates, marriage certificates, wills, etc)
  • Cancel the newspaper, milkman and other subscriptions
  • Apply for an international driving licence so you can take it with you
  • Arrange to leave a key with a responsible party for the safe deposit box
  • If you are taking a pet, do you have the necessary health certificate from the vet and are inoculations in order
  • Arrange copies of school records for your children
  • Arrange copies of medical and dental records for the entire family to take with you
  • Establish cut-off dates for power/light, gas and telephone services
  • For those requiring drug prescriptions, obtain ‘certificates of need’ from the prescribing physician
  • Complete the change of address forms and submit them to the post office

International Relocation Final Check List

Items we cant move internationally?

There are some items that even WALKERS can’t move. Not for any other reason than it is illegal!
Walkers can assist you in finding out what you can and cannot move. Here is a comprehensive list of the things
that can‘t be taken with you. If you have any doubts, call a Walkers representative for advice.

_ Oils
_ Kerosene
_ Petrol
_ Cooking Oils
_ Turpentine
_ Matches
_ Fire lighters for BBQ’s
_ Heat Beads

_ Pure Alcohol
_ Paints
_ Photographic Developers
_ Methylated Spirits
_ Varnish

_ Oxygen
_ Acetylene
_ Methane
_ Chlorine
_ Gas

_ Ammunition
_ Black Powder
_ Flares
_ Fireworks

_ Arsenic
_ Polishers
_ Pesticides
_ Weed Killers

_ All guns ie. hand and fully
automatic weapons
_ Military weapons
_ Bullets

_ Wet Batteries
_ Oxides
_ Caustic Soda
_ Corrosives
_ Mercury

Candles, irritants, animal skins, stuffed animals, matches, life rafts, scuba tanks, aerosol cans, pressurised vessels, butane lighters and refills, explosive devices of any kind, gas cylinders,
home soft drink maker cylinders, Ivory – ask your Walkers representative about a special export license from Australia.