Vehicle Moving


Do you need to move your car?

One-stop shop?

Wnalkers can organise your move and your car or motorcycle transport in one of our containers or with out vehicle transport partners. This service is ideal for couples and families with multiple cars or when you are moving long distances to Perth or Cairns, not many of us are up for the long drive and if you are like me with small children its an easy decision to fly! Let Walkers manage this for you when moving with our vehicle partners we can even track your car as is crosses Australia.

Let us do the driving for you!

Our car moving partners handle our automotive logistics for both interstate and international relocation. With thousands of successful moves in car transport you can be confident your car is in good hands.

Did you know Walkers can get a better deal for car transport that you maybe able to get?

Because we move hundreds of cars a year for our customers we are able to buy car transport rates at a better price than what they will retail it to you call us now to compare your quote with ours

What to do when moving a car?

Before moving your car, it might be worth considering the following:
• Prepare the vehicle. When you drop your car off ready for transport, make sure you take the time to record the condition of the car in your file with the transport company. Note any existing scratches or dents and take photos as a record.
• Choose the best option to transport your car – if you love your car read this!

  • Open car carriers can be cheaper for you as the transport company is able to move a large number of vehicles at a time, but it does mean your car is exposed to the elements – so consider where you’re moving your car to, and how long the trip will be.
  • If you are more particular about your car, consider the enclosed car carrier option, which provide optimum protection

Can I leave things in my car or load it up with what I cant fit in my suitcase?

If I had a dime for every time a customer asked this quest. No so sorry for security reasons its not permitted.

How do I get a quote?

At the time of obtaining a quote, please supply you make model and year and pickup and delivery address details, and we can obtain a quote within the the next 5 minutes.

Contact Walkers to speak to one of our expert international removals and relocation advisors for an obligation FREE Quote or cost guideline now!