Fine Art & Antiques Removals


Does Walkers move Fine Art and Antiques?

Wnalkers  has been trusted by customers to move their fine art and antiques for over 30 years and the owner of Walkers has been dealing in Fine Art and Antiques since he was in business with his father in the 1950’s.

Who has Walkers worked for in the handling of Fine Art and Antiques?

Australia’s art dealers and auctioneers also have the confidence to contract Walkers to move their client’s irreplaceable artwork throughout Australia and the world.

You can feel secure knowing your fine arts and antiques are in the best hands, even if you’re making a big move. Moving is not only stressful because of all the logistical considerations, but the added distance of the move can throw up more opportunities for your belongings to be lost or damaged during the trip.

This is why Walkers fine art consultants will work closely with you from the beginning to the end of your international move:

How do I organise to move my Antiques with Walkers?

  1. Meeting with you at your home to assess your belongings and their requirements
  2. Providing you a detailed quote for standard or custom built crates required
  3. Guaranteeing protection against handling damage during shipping and transport.
  4. The packers will use specialist materials from Walkers, including double or triple walled cartons, stretch and cushioning wrap and fine tissue paper.
  5. The Walkers team will arrive promptly, pack efficiently and work around your schedule so nothing feels like a last minute rush – especially not moving some of your most important and expensive items.
  6. Walkers preference is to do the packing for you, as opposed to simply providing you the packing materials for you to do yourself.

Word of Warning when packing yourself?

  • Just make sure if you are planning to pack your fine art and antiques yourself for a move, that you use the specialist materials from Walkers, including double or triple walled cartons, stretch and cushioning wrap and fine tissue paper.
  • Also make sure you carefully label your boxes as ‘Fragile’ and provide Walkers with any special instructions on how, when and where you need the items packed and delivered.

Why should you choose Walkers to handle your precious art and antiques?

For professional advice on how we plan to move your valuable art and antiques, contact Walkers Fine Arts Consultants for a quote on standard crating and custom builds crates with guaranteed protection against damage from handling and shipping to the destination. Walkers have been privileged to be involved with 5 moves involving  heads of government, who have in their possession beautiful fine art gifts received in their worldwide visits representing our country. Walkers has proven with these moves that we can take all required care to move these special pieces.











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