Specialty Removals


 We can move just about anything!

Wnalkers Moving & Storage is a family owned and operated business who are relocation experts, with over 35 plus years experience that aims to  guarantee to make your move as smooth as possible, with reliability, innovative equipment, trained, experienced personnel you can be assured of a trouble free relocation.

It maybe cars to New Zealand as pictured above or containers to  the Hawkesbury in Sydney or over to Staddie  off Brisbane, we can manage any type of item or move.

We simply need the details and we can program the rest and quote accordingly no move or item is to hard to manage its the logistics that we work out for you.

We have been known to stop traffic

A few years back we arranged a crane to move in a Grand Piano into a Penthouse in Southbank it aroused so much interest to the commuters we stopped traffic on the south east freeway of Brisbane.

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