Sydney to the Gold Coast Removalists


How often does Walkers go to the Gold coast?

Y es and congratulations on you move to the Goldie! Walkers can deliver daily out of Brisbane to the Goldcoast, departures from Sydney are pending demand but can be as often as 2-3 times a week in our peak period.

The Gold Coast is defined by its incredible beaches 57 k’s of coastline, plus rain forests, hinterland ranges, canal waterways, and its  one of the fastest growing cities in Australia now ranked 6th largest. So when moving to the Gold Coast, you are joining one of our largest cities in Australia! Moving to the Gold Coast from Sydney  is also one of the most popular for families looking for that “work-life” balance and a sea change.

Walkers  are the new residents first choice when moving to the Gold coast plus they are a community who trust Walkers to take care of their moving needs. We are not only one of the largest removalist in the South East, we have the great resources and facilities for your move, an extensive range of packaging materials, door to door transport, complete insurance, and the communications  to track your move from A to B.

How can Walkers get you to the beach sooner?

When looking to move into the Gold Coast, Walkers can assist you exploring it sooner with our range of services including valet unpacking house cleaning and rubbish removal.

Walkers  can offer the wealth of experience that our professional team will bring to your move; we’ll help you with everything from packing delicate items to storing your furniture belongings.

Walkers moving & storage are the best choice for interstate removals on the Gold Coast, with the a large family network of locations across Australia for handling your move efficiently from door to door.

How can I get a quote to move to the Gold coast?

Walkers offer two types of quotes. The best option is to arrange a pre removal survey, this is a free quote process, where we visit you at your home and do a walk through listing the items you have to move, and then providing a fixed price quote.

Alternatively we can quote online as long as you email a list of items to move, we can quote based on standard measurements, and then on the day of move we verify the volume should you have undee estimated what you have to move then we would change the quote and charge pro rata.

Do you supply cartons?

Yes Walkers has a full range of packing boxes to suit just about every item they include:-

  • Standard large cartons (the old tea chest size) this is a multi-purpose carton these are ideal for kitchen and breakables even your linen and clothing kids light toys
  • Book or Wine size cartons (small carton) this is used for  books wine shoes heavier items go into smaller cartons
  • Port a Robe cartons (hanging robe) these will fit up to 25 hanging items or less if winter coats – which you wont need up there in the Sunshine state!
  • Art Packs (flat pack carton) idea for paintings pictures mounted framed photos, mirrors, they will fit one large piece or a series of smaller pictures/artworks
  • Lamp Shade carton it speaks for it self so that we don’t dent you lamp shade!!
  • TV Carton ‘for all flat screen LCD plasma TV’s we generally don’t move TV’s if they are not in their original carton or one of “these customised boxes we have small medium and large sizes to suit your TV
  • Bike Cartons for that special bike that will definitely get some miles up on the Gold coast!

Do you have temporary storage just  in case we cant find a residence in time?

Yes we can store in Sydney or Brisbane whatever suits you, the benefit of our container moving system is this means you don’t have to race there to beat the Truck, you have the flexibility to finish the cleaning in Sydney of your residence have that farewell party and then start the drive or catch the flight, so we can deliver it to you when your ready.

Alternatively if you need time still to find a residence we simply hold your container for delivery when you have found your new home!

Contact Walkers to speak to one of our expert international removals and relocation advisors for an obligation FREE Quote or cost guideline now!