Brisbane to Melbourne Removalists


Why Melbourne?

M oving Home? To be closer to family or For work? Which ever it is you are moving to a state famous for its Footy, food, fashion and culture,  the state itself known as “Melbourne”.

Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia, and is considered our cultural capital.  Melbourne is consistently ranked the most liveable city in Australia by several leading surveys, so you like many others have already worked out it’s a great place to move to.

You can make your move to Melbourne easier with Walkers, we have been doing it 35 years and Melbourne residents have trusted us in this time to manage their interstate move to Melbourne that is easy, efficient with almost daily departures pending demand and hassle free we are a one stop moving shop, we move cars pets and offer short or long term storage until you find you new home.

How can I get a quote to move to Melbourne?

Walkers offer you two types of interstate quotes to Melbourne, choose from:-

  1.  Online Quote – for small moves an online estimate, or completes our Inventory on email for a quick easy and ball park purposes.
  2.  Fixed Price Quote – for accuracy and planning reasons we recommend our free in home survey which offers a fixed price quote,

Why should I get a consultant out to give me a fixed price quote?

We recommend we come and see you because its more accurate way for us to quote, we also can start the planning process with you work through the dates and or if you need temporary storage. We can also inspect the access, to determine the best truck and crew to move you.

Why Fixed price?

  • its best because our consultant can see what you have to move how best to access your residence, ensuring we send the right number of people and equipment to perform your move
  • plus helps us both in the planning process of your move to give you a better moving experience,
  • We can also check what the special requirements, special antiques, artwork, and large items like a piano, discuss settlement issues, and access at delivery.
  • Walkers are one of the few removalists that still offer this in home quote service.
  • It proves to be more accurate way to quote, and protects you from paying more on moving day.

Call us now to arrange a Free in home survey involves a consultant visiting you at your home, so that Walkers can plan a better move for you. We assess the volume and access and determine your special requirements. Our quote is based on the list of items the Estimator and you agree on at the time of survey, and it’s always a good idea to peruse for accuracy when you receive your quote.

The free quotes are based on list of items obtained at the time of survey, it is wise to check it for accuracy and or in the event you require us to move over and above the list pro rata fees may apply.

What services are included in a interstate move?

Interstate moves services generally include:-

  • Provision of removalists to remove furniture and packed cartonsProvision of removalists and a suitable sized truck  to remove furniture and packed cartons
  • Provision of plastic protection to wrap all upholstered furniture prior to removal, and Blanket wrap of all other items for protection in transit at the time of loading.
  • Dismantle & Re-assembly of beds if required for transit.(basic dismantle, generally excludes Bunks and customised beds)
  • Unload and position furniture & cartons in designated rooms at delivery residence
  • Re-assemble beds if required and set up and position furniture (Once only).

Can Walkers pack for me or supply me with boxes?

Walkers are a one stop shop who can also organise a quote:-

  • Moving Boxes
  • Packing materials like bubble wrap paper and tape
  • Arrange car motor cycle scooter and boat transport
  • pet transport,
  • house cleaning and
  • Unpacking service either basic bench top or valet unpacks.

Please contact us to arrange a free quote; we are in most areas each week free call 1800630077 to book a time to suit you.