Office Moves & Commercial Removal Services


Tnhe business adage ‘time is money’ has never been more true than in this age of impatience, instant downloads and information overload.

You know that if a potential client makes an enquiry, or if a customer has to wait for you to deliver their product or service, you risk losing their business to the next company.

“A Move that Fit to your Business Needs”

Walkers Move Offices and People

Your staff, office furniture and assets are critical to the ongoing success of your business and as such deserve the attention of experienced office relocation and removal experts.

Walkers are expert office removalists and corporate relocation specialists. We have been moving offices and their staff locally and interstate for over 40 years and over that time have gained the required knowledge and experience to complete your removal and relocation securely and successfully, with minimum disruption to your business.

Do you do local and interstate office relocations?

Walkers provide a full range of local and interstate office removals and relocation services to suit most businesses.
From large organisations requiring full office relocation support for a large number of employees to customers with occasional relocations requiring individually developed local and interstate relocation plans provided on a case-by-case basis.

Can Walkers move our office equipment and archives etc?

When you relocate an office you’re moving a lot of items that are irreplaceable, and not just because of their monetary value to your business.

Therefore, while there are awkward items to move such as large meeting tables, photocopiers and printers, and AV equipment, there are also network computers and servers, filing cabinets, archives and personal items belonging to staff at their desks, in their drawers or in the staff room – all of which are integral to the running of the business, and many of which are filled with confidential information, entrusted to you by your clients.

Can Walkers do interstate office moves?

Our range of office removals and corporate relocation services include:

  • Local and Interstate Office Removals & Relocation Services
  • International Office Removals and Relocation Services

Do Walkers do all size office moves?

Walkers Moving & Storage are highly experienced at moving large and small offices, locally or interstate, offering full office relocation support and specifically designed solution for your business needs including:

  1. Finding the right access:  Our consultants will visit your premises and assess your access points, considering whether the lifts to your office are working properly and are the right size to remove your office furniture. If the lifts are too small for safe access, Walkers will develop an alternative moving strategy for your site.
  2. Secure handling of sensitive equipment:  Our team of removalists have been trained to handle sensitive equipment with care. When you are looking at moving photocopiers, IT equipment  or machinery, Walkers Moving and Store will ensure a safe and secure move to your new premises.
  3. Customised Schedule: We believe a successful business relocation plan should have a minimal impact on your business activities. By following an appropriate schedule for the execution of the move, our team will ensure your business will back to normal as possible.

What about International Office Removals & Relocations Services?

Walkers World Wide gives your business access to one of the worlds largest delivery networks. Through strong partnerships with our major international office removalist companies, Walkers offers a competitively priced global moving network. With a choice of delivery speeds for small consignments air or sea and advanced tracking services, you can trust Walkers to take your staff and business to the world every day.

You can feel confident that your staff will receive an exceptionally high standard of service, delivered by some of the most experienced people in the industry both here in Australia and on arrival overseas.

Sit Back and watch your business grow overseas.

Can Walkers do an internal relocation in the same building?

Whether the job is as simple as relocating floors, a desk or as complex as entire floors, the key to successful internal moving lies in the operations for minimal disruption to the working environment and other employee’s workflow.

Before undertaking any internal relocation, we will provide you with an operating plan that clearly identifies which areas will be affected during the relocation and a time frame for this.

What about small moves? Hourly rate services?

In situations where you require a single man or a relocation team to assist with small internal or odd jobs or in circumstances where you are unsure of exactly what needs to be moved, our hourly rate service is both competitively priced and extremely flexible. We can provide a team for all internal relocations, packing and unpacking, furniture and equipment pickup and delivery or relocation of heavy items.

How do we obtain a quote?

Walkers offers a free and no-obligation quote whether it be for budgetary reasons or approval now or 6 months down the track. This involves us meeting with the person managing the relocation in your organisation and doing a full walk through it depends on the size of the move as to how long this takes, anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour generally.

Can the move be done outside business hours?

We can do either pending your budget.

Walkers Moving & Storage understands this too, which is why they will endeavour to complete an entire business move after your normal operating hours, and on the weekend for example, so your customers don’t have to know what’s going on.

Does Walkers move computers or printers filing systems etc?

Walkers team will also respect any specialty items in your business during the move, taking special care of those items which your business can’t run without. We work with your IT, Telecommunications or Data company to their time frames, and can organise office workstation fit-out company to dismantle or reassemble, it all depends on the budget and the extent of service required?

Who do you deal with when relocating our company?

Walkers appreciate that when you are moving a business you are not only moving computers, desks and files, you are also moving people.  Your staff are likely to spend an inordinate amount of time in the office, at their workspace, making it a very personal space. Therefore, part of any good business move should be including your staff in the process, and keeping them informed.

Make sure you provide each of your team members with an itinerary of the move, what they need to pack themselves, and by when. Also provide a floor plan of the new office and make it clear where each staff member needs to be, so that no one feels like their workspace has been moved out from under them.

What about Industrial and Warehouse relocations?

Where items of heavy machinery form part of the relocation, we will arrange all the necessary lifting equipment, dismantling, and re-erection and associated electrical work. Where a great number of items are needed to be relocated in a warehouse situation, Walkers can arrange the removal and re-erection of all forms of warehouse storage systems including pallet racking, containers, free-standing shelving and mezzanine floors.

Can Walkers do computer, storage equipment and safe relocations?

Computers and highly sensitive electronic equipment require the utmost care in handling during the relocation process. Our employees and specialists are fully versed in the handling of this type of sensitive equipment to ensure safe transit. All electrical equipment is appropriately wrapped in furniture felt, bubble wrap or anti-static foam and transported on purpose-built trolleys. We are experienced to move compact-uses units, shelving systems, lateral filing systems, general files and workstation systems.

Where large items like a safe requires transportation from one site to another as part of the relocation Walkers will use specialized carry equipment or specialists to ensure a trouble-free installation.

What about general storage and archive storage?

We can organize all aspects of storage, from a single piece of furniture to an entire warehouse stock, from a single day, to an indefinite period.

Thank you for taking the time to look over our services available to assist you in your upcoming relocation using Walkers Moving & Storage.

Walkers Moving & Storage is a family-owned and operated business that are relocation experts, with over 40 years of experience that will guarantee to make your move as smooth as possible, with reliability, innovative equipment, trained, experienced personnel you can be assured of trouble-free storage and relocation.

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