Moving Business

Business Removal Services


W alkers regularly relocate large organizations requiring support for all employees and equipment. we are equally engaged by customers requiring occasional relocation support for individual staff. in either case specific relocation plans are provided and executed on a case-by-case basis by our expert office relocation team.

Business Removals & Corporate Relocations

Selecting a mover for an office or business move is a very important decision.

Business moves are invariably more complicated, more detailed and more time pressured than household moves so they require specialist removalists, who takes the time to understand the time pressure and operations of your industry, and will take as much care with relocating your photocopier and board room table, as they will with making sure your staff feels happy and secure with the staff relocating their belongings.

Full Trained Business Moving Specialists

Walkers Moving and Storage have a specially trained and highly experienced team of removalists for business moving, who have all of the necessary equipment for handling large and delicate office furniture and equipment such as computers, filing cabinets and large desks.

The Walkers team will also respect any speciality items in your business during the move, taking special care of those items which your business can’t run without.

Walkers Moving and Storage offer a wide range of business services including:

  • Domestic relocations
  • International relocations

A Move that Fit to your Business Needs

The business adage ‘time is money’ has never been more true than in this age of impatience, instant downloads and information overload. You know that if a potential client makes an enquiry, or if a customer has to wait for you to deliver their product or service, you risk losing their business to the next company.
Walkers Moving & Storage understands this too, which is why they will endeavour to complete an entire business move after your normal operating hours, and on the weekend for example, so your customers don’t have to know what’s going on.

Your Staff at the Centre of Your Move

Remember that when you are moving a business you are not only moving computers, desks and files, you are also moving people. Your staff likely spends an inordinate amount of time in the office, at their workspace, making it a very personal space. Therefore, part of any good business move should be including your staff in the process, and keeping them informed.
Make sure you provide each of your team members with an itinerary of the move, what they need to pack themselves, and by when. Also provide a floor plan of the new office and make it clear where each staff member needs to be, so that no one feels like their workspace has been moved out from under them.

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