How to Measure your Furniture for your Move or Store?


We’ve provided some tips on how to measure.

When you call a removalist or storage facility they will always ask how much are you moving or how much space do you need?

The problem is you don’t know and your not trained to know what to list to move let alone the space you need to store it. What the removalist and the storage company need is the Cubic volume which is the standard unit of measure our industry uses to calculate the space you need so we can quote accurately on the move or storage space required. This also protects you from not paying to much or too little. Therefore avoids the Bill Shock extra furniture and volume!

To help you make sure your give the removalist or storage supplier the correct measurement of furniture we’ve provided some tips below on how to measure the cubic volume.

So how do you measure up your house when your moving or storing locally or moving interstate to Brisbane or Sydney?

You need to start with a piece of paper or contact us 1800630077 to receive your free form to start to make your own list to move or store!

Which Room do you Start in?
Ok you’ve got your piece of paper and something to lean on next you need to start at the front of the house or in your lounge room or Hall way.
Best to stand up and in a place you can see the entire room, and then start to write down all large items that cannot fit in a box in the room. NB only the furniture you want to move or type them into your smart phone in notes.

Next you find your tape measure so we can measure each item you have listed in preparation for receiving your quote because for removalists like us to be accurate in a quote we will need to obtain your specific measurements of your furniture.

How to Measure Your Furniture?
Ok so you have your list now we need to measure your furniture. Plus this is a great exercise to see if your furniture will fit inside your new home (like through entryways – the front door along a wall in the lounge room etc),

To make sure your accurate use the measurement methods and a tape measure to get a measurement.

Now if you have a tape measure – or not?

Try these apps on your smart phone:-
Measure using iPhone’s Built-in AR Ruler
Apple has added a built-in functionality for measuring real-world space and objects like furniture ideal when you don’t have a tape measure or the furniture you want to measure is to tall or far away to measure because you have a lot of boxes in front of it already!
Try these simple instructions to use Measure app on your Iphone:-.
• Open the Measure app which should already installed on your phone.
• Move your phone around as the instructions on the screen said.
• A white circle with a white dot inside appears on the screen. Move that circle to the place in the room or the furniture item you want to measure.
• Tap the “+” sign and start measuring.
• Move your phone in the direction of where you want to end measuring. The measurement value shows up on the line as you move the white dot.
• Tap “+” sign again to complete the measurement.
If you don’t have an Iphone try Virtual Furniture. The Virtual Furniture tool in AirMeasure can help you measure plus check whether the item fits in your new house.


Just Start by taking 3 measurements of each furniture item.
To Measure your Couch or Sofas: Measure the width (A) and diagonal depth (B). The diagonal depth of the sofa can be determined by first placing a straight edge from the highest point of the back frame (do not include cushions or pillows) to the front of the arm. Then, using your measuring tape, measure from the bottom rear corner of the sofa up to the point that bisects the straight edge.

Bookcases & Armoires, etc.: Measure the diagonal height at widest point (A) and depth (B).

Will it fit in my new house?
1. Measure your residence entryways to your new home. Use a measuring tape to measure the heights (A) and lengths or widths (B) of any hallways and door accesses, as well as the entry clearance (C). Let your removalist know so they can offer you advice and or you may need to make some hard decisions about whether you can move it or not. You can always store it or get a quote to dispose of it just ask your removalist to quote to store, dispose or deliver to a charity, family or friend. It’s a great way to recycle!

2. Compare the dimensions of your new house to your furniture piece. Don’t forget to make note of any other obstacles such as ceilings, fixtures, interior walls, stairwell banisters and turns for the removalist. After determining the dimensions of the room, you may need to notify your removalist of the challenges ahead and or make some decisions about whether you need that furniture in your new house why pay to move it if it’s not going to fit.

3. Other things to consider about fitting into your new home, you should consider the size constraints of the entire path from our removalist truck to the final destination.

I hope the above was useful and remember this is just a guide on how to measure and may not guarantee your furniture will fit in your new house.

IF this is all getting all too hard why not Book in myself or my Dad to come and measure it for you. Free Quote and No obligation!

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