Home Removal Planning Tips

Completing our online move estimator (to the right) is a great way to begin your move planning. This step by step questionnaire asks all the key questions required to effectively plan your move.

If you prefer a face to face discussion with one of our estimators we are more than happy to discuss your move over the phone or to arrange a time to come out and see you. Our moving estimators have many years of experience and are aware of the questions and concerns that you may have regarding your move, be it a local move, interstate or international. Click here to arrange a meeting.

Either way it is very important that you plan your move carefully and well ahead of time. There is a great deal to consider when moving or relocating, much of which has the habit of becoming apparent only at the last minute if effective planning is not in place. When moving home, you will need to consider such things as redirecting your mail, updating the electoral role and redirecting your utilities. We have prepared a quick move planning timeline as a general guide to planning a smooth move.

The Australian Furniture Movers Association (AFRA) also has a comprehensive guide to moving and storage that we encourage you to review. AFRA offers specific advice for specialty moves such as pets, cars and very heavy items as well as general information for successful moving including simple do’s and don’ts.

Contact Walkers for more information and advice with your move planning.

Some Useful Packing Tips


  • Before you pack, Walker’s representative can give you some helpful advice, gathered from decades of experience. It’s hugely important for a successful move to discuss packing with a Walker’s representative.
  • First, decide what Walkers will pack and what you could manage yourself. A couple good rules of thumb are that if it is breakable, leave it to Walkers; or if it is heavy or bulky, leave it to Walkers.
  • If you decide to do some of your own packing, you should start well in advance of moving day to avoid
    a last minute rush.
  • Ask for specialized Walkers cartons; packing material such as paper and bubble wrap, packaging tape and marking pens.Walkers can provide new, clean twin-cushioned cartons in assorted sizes – a necessity.

Fruit boxes do not travel well and are illegal if you are moving to WA or South Australia

  • Plastic rubbish bags often burst
  • If possible, items will go together in your new home (eg kitchen crockery) should be packed in the same carton.
  • Heavy items should be packed in Walkers Heavy Duty cartons.
  • A time saving tip is to clearly mark at least the top and one side of each carton which room is its final destination (eg main room).
  • Items must not protrude above the level of the packing carton. you should fill the carton to about three-quarters full or within 5 cm from the top to allow for cushioning.
  • One box should be clearly marked to be unloaded first. It’s for items you will require immediately upon arrival at your new home. Walker’s priority carton is specially designed to stand out for this purpose
    • A specific area in your home should be set up for all items not to be moved. Tell the removalist about this area when they arrive.
    • Remember, whatever you pack, pack only unbreakables, as your insurance may not cover you for owner-packed breakages – check your policy.
    • Leave the packing of mirrors or valuable paintings to the experts – Walkers
    • Be as prepared as possible for Walker’s professional packers


  • After a long-distance removal, make sure you account for the number of items received and their condition. Any discrepancies should be noted on both yours and the removalist’s copy of the inventory and condition report
  • Walker’s unpacking service will remove your goods from the cartons and crates onto a flat surface. The
    cartons and other packing materials will be removed.
  • If necessary, don’t hesitate to ask a Walker’s representative for more information on our Valet unpacking service. Valet ladies will unpack your new home in just one day

Walkers Can Do Professional Cleaning For You

Walkers can provide you with cleaning service to save you time and trouble. This service can include tasks such as dusting, floor washing, kitchen and bathroom detailing The first step is to decide what you will clean and what will be cleaned professionally by Walkers

Some general cleaning Walkers can do for you:

  • Clean out the inside of the refrigerator
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Clean the Venetian blinds
  • Wash the walls
  • Clean and sanitise built-in wardrobes and cupboards
  • Clean and sanitise the bath, showers, toilets, basins, sinks, fittings
  • Clean the mirrors and internal glass doors
  • Wipe fixed shelves, skirtings, picture rails, window sills, light switches
  • Damp wipe door ledges and moulding
  • Clean and sanitise kitchen cupboards and work areas
  • Clean fixed appliances internally and externally
  • Damp wipe the wall behind an appliance such as a refrigerator when it has been moved
  • Sweep and hose decks and porches
  • Sweep and hose the garage
  • Clean the windows
  • Clean and sanitise vinyl, lino and tile floors
  • Damp mop timber floors
  • Vacuum all carpets and sweep all floors
  • If necessary have the carpets steam cleaned