Have you Connected your Electricity, Gas, Telephone, Water, Broadband & Pay TV?


With so many things to think of and organise when moving house it can be really easy to forget about having your utilities disconnected when you do move.

“What is a utility”, you may ask? Well, a utility is usually a service that is necessary for running a household such as electricity, water and gas. Other services that also fall under this definition are internet, telephone and Pay TV. Some of the utility retailers that you may be familiar with are AGL, Energy Australia and Telstra. It is these retailers with whom you may hold an account and who you need to notify about having your utility disconnected when you move address.

It is important that you have your utilities disconnected on your moving out date so that your utility retailer knows when to stop charging you for the utility. That way you won’t be charged for electricity that you are no longer using. Utilities such as gas and electricity are tied to the meter number at the property which is why you as the account holder must notify your utility retailer that you will no longer be living at the property.

Research has shown that it takes on average over an hour of your time and multiple phone calls to contact each of your utility retailers to have your utilities disconnected and a new account opened at your new address. This is where Fast Connect can help. Fast Connect is a utilities connection service which offers a free online service to have your utilities disconnected at your old address and a new account established at your new address. In a couple of minutes and a few clicks of the mouse you can have your existing utilities disconnected and new accounts setup.

The best bit is it’s completely free for you the customer, and with Fast Connect’s online technology your connections are guaranteed to be connected by the next business day*.

So if you are moving and need to need to have your utilities disconnected or an account opened at your new address click here to get started. Or talk to your Walkers Consultant today! Free Call 1800 630 077