Do I need Insurance?

The short answer is, Yes you do according to our industry association Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA) “It is inevitable that there may be damage to your goods inspite of the best intentions of the removalist. It should be remembered that furniture was never supposed to be moved and was not built to withstand being jolted in a truck, even with the best packing.

What experience do you have in insurance?

Our authorised broker, Cowden (VIC) Pty Ltd (AFSL 245658), are removal insurance specialists.

How will I know what I am covered from?

The Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) summarises what the policy covers, the various cover options available to you and what it does not cover.

I don’t think your insurance is going to be sufficient for my needs so what should I do?

If you need advice or your insurance needs are different from the cover available in the policy, we can refer you to Cowden (VIC) Pty Ltd (AFSL 245658), our licenced insurance broker, who will be able to assist you.

But won’t your insurance cover my move?

There are many circumstances for which we, as your remover, may not be liable to make good any loss or damage to your goods.

I do want to take out insurance for the move, but do I have to take it out with you?

No, you are under no obligation to take out transit and/or storage insurance with us even though you are booking you move through us. It is your choice with whom you take it out with

Really, it is not likely there will be any damage or loss to my goods is it?

Despite all the care and expertise we take, accidents can still happen and some things are outside our control. We will endeavour to ensure there is no loss or damage, but we do recommend you take out insurance.

Someone told me that I would not be able to take out insurance if I pack the boxes myself – is it true?

No, the Customer Goods in Transit and Storage Insurance can cover cartons that have been packed by you as long as you supply an itemised valued list of contents for each carton. However, be aware that such goods are insured only for restricted cover.

Will I have to pay an excess if I have a claim?

Yes, the Customer Goods in Transit and Storage Insurance does have an excess which is set out in the PDS

Do I really need to bother taking out insurance?

This is up to you, but we strongly suggest that you consider it as your goods will be exposed to a higher risk of loss/damage than when they are inside the home.

Will my Home and Contents Insurance Policy cover the move or storage of my goods?

Usually they do not, but by all means check your policy wording or contact your insurer to find out.

Do I need to insure everything?

That is up to you. If you decide to insure only specific items, anything that is not on the list will not be covered.

Which type of cover do you recommend I take out?

Without knowing your circumstances, we generally recommend that customers take out Full Cover and insure their goods for Replacement Cost. This means that you have the broadest coverage against the risks of loss or damage and you would receive new for old in most circumstances (unless your goods are more than 7 years old). However, we cannot advise you about your personal situation. You need to read the PDS carefully and choose the cover that suits your circumstances.

How much should I value my good for?

If you choose replacement cover, you need to estimate the cost of replacing your goods with new goods of similar type and quality. If you choose market value cover, then you need to estimate the amount that you would likely to receive for your goods if you sold them. You can either provide us with a figure or the total value of your goods or you can use our Insurance Declaration to identify and value your goods.

I have 100 CDs. Do I have to itemize them individually?

No, just estimate their total value. For example, you may estimate their replacement value at $2,000. In the event of a claim, you would receive $20 per CD. However, if you have say, a valuable special edition, you may like to specify it and value it separately.

I have to put my goods in storage – do I have to take out separate insurance for that?

Yes, we can arrange storage insurance for your goods in conjunction with the transit insurance.

Payment & Pricing

Is the price worked out on an hourly basis or by a cubic volume?

We offer various options either an hourly rate for local moves and fixed price cubic metre quotes for large local moves, intra and interstate removals.

When do I have to pay for the work that is done?

That depends. If you are moving locally we obtain payment upon completion via credit card, bank cheque or money order, we only accept personal cheques with a telecheck authorization. We are unable to accept electronic payments on hourly rate moves. For intrastate, storage and interstate moves payment is obtained on pickup via electronic transfer up to 24-48 hours prior, or credit card (including Amex & Diners), bank cheque, money order or personal cheque subject to telecheck authorisation. The payment arrangements according to our industry advisory body AFRA “needs to be agreed between you and the removalist before the job is commenced”.

Do I have to pay up front?

Prior to your move we ask for a deposit which is either 10% of a fixed price or the minimum hours of an hourly rate move. This can be done electronically via credit card or cheque prior to us being able to secure your move dates.

Can I pack my own boxes?

Yes you can. You can pack your own boxes but they have to be suitable for transit if you seek to claim the breakages in those boxes through Walkers insurance. If you elect to not take out insurance Walkers will take no responsibility nor will these items be covered by insurance.

Do I have to pay for the time it takes for the trucks to arrive at my house from their depot and back again?

Yes you do. We generally charge from depot to depot. At the time of booking the service always ask our consultant as to how much extra it will be.

Other Moving Questions

What happens if my furniture is damaged or broken?

The repair will need to be paid for by your insurance cover either with Walkers or your own insurer. If you are not insured, you will have no recourse to any compensation. According to AFRA “If it can be proved that the removalist was negligent in causing the damage or that he did not use due care and skill, you may be able to request that they repair any damage”. However, if there is damage and there was no negligence displayed by Walkers then you are unlikely to be able to obtain any compensation.

What sort of documentation do I need to sign?

We will ask you to signed our agreement/acceptance and insurance forms should you elect to take up this benefit. If you are moving interstate or into storage, we will ask you to complete a storage application and we will also complete an inventory and condition report that should be signed by both yourself and our removalist on uplift and delivery. According to AFRA “It is unwise to proceed with any removal if you do not have a contract”.

Where can I get information about how to prepare for a removal?

We provide this at the time of inspection of your contents to move, alternatively you can also request it from our consultant and they can post one out to you with the confirmation of your removal kit. In addition you can call AFRA 1800 671 806 for a free copy of the Moving Guide Kit.

Can I move my plants?

As a general rule this is fraught with danger according to AFRA. We recommend you talk to our consultant about the quantity and size of the plants to move and they will determine what Walkers can do for you. Some states prohibit the moving of plants interstate therefore it depends on the State importation laws. There are issues of regulation of plants containing fire ants within Qld so its best to contact these agencies prior to asking your removalist to move them.

Can I move on settlement day?

As a general rule this is fraught with danger. We recommend you talk to our consultant about the volume you have to move because we will need to make sure we can have you moved out in time for settlement. It also can create more stress on moving day.

Is Walkers an AFRA member? Why should I use an AFRA removalist?

Yes Walkers is a member. According to AFRA “Using an AFRA removalist affords you the protection you are seeking regarding your rights. Because of the strict membership criteria, AFRA members are recognized as professional companies who are committed to performing an efficient and trouble free removal.

If I have to move out of my house before the new place is ready, can Walkers help me with storage or do I have to do this myself?

Yes. Walkers will be able to provide temporary storage. Our storage facility and containers are purpose built for short and long term storage and we offer the very best security.

Where can I get packing materials?

Walkers offers a whole range of materials and can deliver to you for a fee or at the time of removal survey for free. See the packing area of our site.

How do they send my furniture? Does it stay in the same truck that picks it up?

If you are moving locally we will move your furniture in the same vehicle. If you are moving intrastate, your furniture may be re-stowed at our depot and made ready for a longer journey and travel via rail or truck. If you are moving interstate your furniture is loaded into a shipping container to travel on rail to the destination city and the delivered out of the same container.

Does Walkers do back loads?

According to AFRA “back loading is a term first coined in the late 19th century when horse and carts were used. It means picking up a load in a town they have just made a delivery to. Many people mistakenly believe that this means of carrying costs are cheaper. This is not necessarily the case as the costs are not reduced simply because they have to return”. As a general rule walkers do not provide a back loading service.

Can I pack some items and Walkers packers do the rest?

Yes you can, as long as you pack for transit and use the appropriate packing boxes and materials, and be careful not to over pack or make boxes too heavy. Walkers will pack all remaining items as per the quote, should you decide to pack less then Walkers will complete the packing but will charge for each box packed. Please note also that if you pack this may affect your insurance and therefore Walkers may not be held responsible.

Can I ask Walkers packers to pack the way I want them to?

Yes you can, as long as you are trained yourself to be a packer. Please note also that if you direct the removalist to pack a certain way this may affect your insurance and therefore Walkers may not be held responsible.

Am I expected to give Walkers removalists any food or drinks when they are working?

This is optional, however you are not expected to by the walkers crew with the exception of providing water would be much appreciated.

Will the Walkers removalists remove their shoes/boots when walking in the house?

No due to Health and safety requirements. If you are worried about your floor covering being soiled, please raise this at the beginning of the removal, before we actually commence the move. Walkers can provide padded covering in main walkways of the residence as long as it is safe to do so.

If my furniture is wrapped in plastic, will it sweat?

Not necessarily because the plastic Walkers use is designed for this purpose. However, if your furniture is damp before it is wrapped, then damp/sweat may be problem. Our removal team and indeed yourself should notice any signs of dampness, and in this event will opt not cover in plastic, alternatively they will use furniture felt/blankets.

Is there anything I have to do to prepare appliances such as washing machines before the removal?

AFRA recommends that “you should always refer to the manufacturers instructions. It is imperative that washing machines be prepared properly as these are easily damaged”. It is not usually Walkers responsibility to do this and any damage resulting will not be the removalist’s responsibility.

How should I prepare my fridge?

We ask you to empty it and remove any trace of moisture, in the event your fridge goes into store or is travelling some distance you should wipe the interior with vanilla essence hopefully deterring the mildew. Walkers move and store fridge every day so will follow the manufacturers recommendations.

Can I move food?

Yes if you are moving locally and all boxes containers, and jars are properly sealed or taped up. If you are moving intrastate, interstate, overseas or into store food is NOT stored unless it is canned or vacuum-sealed.

Can Walkers help me redirect my mail?

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