Safety first

Walkers are classified to be in the road freight industry and are an essential service. We understand with this classification comes great responsibility and risk. To address this we have already registered as a COVID safe business and have QR codes in NSW and Qld to assist in the event of contact tracing being necessary.

COVID19 has not had a critical negative impact on our operations; we remain at full operational capacity and have the staff available to complete all contracted work in all states of Australia. As a business COVID-19 does not stop us from doing business with our customers as moving house is a reasonable excuse for our clients to leave their home.

We have initiated our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and are actively assessing and are updating our actions as this scenario develops in each state of Australia and throughout the world. We will continue to update you with any relevant changes, as they occur.

  • Our first concern is the human risk that COVID-19 represents. We have communicated health and hygiene information consistent with the Australian Government Health recommendations to all members of the Walkers team.
  • We have cleaning and disinfectant schedules and access to self-care products.
  • We have enacted self-quarantine and testing guidelines for any staff, their immediate family or housemates who have travelled to states or countries that the Department of Health lists as high or moderate risk, based on the current 14- day guideline.
  • We request that any clients scheduled to meet our staff follow similar guidelines and ask our clients to complete a COVID19 Safe declaration each time we come into contact so as to keep us all safe.
  • We have a stay at home policy if our staff have any cold or flu symptoms, and ask them to seek medical advice and get tested for COVID19 and prior to starting their next shift present the negative test result to their supervisor at Walkers.
  • We may also direct staff to test more regularly should the State or Federal government direct our staff to do so.
  • Our sales teams have online collaboration tools to facilitate voice and video meetings and will be happy to shift face-to-face meetings to these platforms if required or preferred. When meeting Face to face with our sales team particularly indoors we encourage the wearing of a mask and when outside if we are unable to maintain social distance then mask wearing is also recommended.
  • We have initiated work from home guidance for staff with roles that can be effectively executed remotely. While we do not currently require staff to stay home, we are ready should the need arise.
  • Where removal staff are required to work at a specific site to pickup or deliver on the expectations of our clients, we use social distance i.e. 1.5m away from customers, avoid physical greetings like shaking hands with customers or work colleagues, practice good hygiene i.e. hand hygiene, where possible wear face masks inside and when unable to social distance wear outside, to mitigate any potential site-specific issue.
  • As mentioned, we continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely. We are taking a calm and balanced approach that mitigates risk and ensures we exceed the expectations of our clients.
Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to discuss any aspect of our response 1800630077.